Just close your eyes and picture it: A yellow vintage Cadillac cruises down the street at a slow Sunday pace. That faint, sweet smell of cigar wafts on by dragging your attention to the sun setting over the beach. It’s 1950, in pre-revolutionary Havana, Cuba. The romantic, tropical getaway that attracts lovers and adventurers alike. Rhythmic drumming from bongos at a nearby salsa bar reach you. There’s a sultry heat here that makes mojitos on the beach a daily necessity.

This is Havana; an original san-serif display typeface that’s inspired by vintage travel. It was born out a collaborative effort between Kathie Baptista and Ronald Ferree. Havana exhibits a smooth combination of both hairline and thick strokes; creating a bold, retro style. Now, let your mind drift away to the sound of the palm trees swaying in the breeze, and the crashing of the seas.